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What is "Ready, Set, Succeed"? "Ready, Set, "Succeed" is a free parenting program for new parents with children ages 0-6. It's designed to help children succeed in life by teaching parents about child development, early education and other essential parenting skills. The program includes free home visits, local "great start" playgroups and free childhood screeings.
Who is eligible to participate? This free program is available for families with children ages 0-6 who live in the following school districts: Climax-Scotts, Comstock, Galesburg-Augusta, Gull Lake, Kalamazoo, Parchment, Schoolcraft, Portage and Vicksburg.
What are the guiding principles of this program? "Ready, Set, Succeed" is based on these key principles: All children are born ready to learn. All parents want their children to reach their full potential. Parents are the child's first and best teachers. Children don't come with directions or recipes for success. Every parent can use a helping hand. Home visits and playgroups are fun ways to learn.
Who sponsors this program? The program is presented by KRESA (Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency) in association with Kalamazoo CAN and local school districts.
What happens during a home visit? During a home visit, a certified parent educator shares information on child development, brings an age-appropriate activity for you and your child to do together, and with you, observes your child's play and development. Usually, visits are conducted at your home, making it convenient and safe for small children. Visits last about an hour.
What is a playgroup? Playgroups consist of small groups of parents and their children. Each playgroup is filled with fun activities based on the theme of a children's book. They meet during the daytime and evening at local elementary schools. For a schedule of upcoming playgroups, click here now.
What is a screening? Screening provides a yearly opportunity for you to see where your child's progress fits in with standardized measures of child development. Screenings usually reassure parents that their children are meeting developmental milestones within usual age ranges. If delays are identified that may affect future learning, you can be referred to resources that will provide the help your child needs.
How can I find out more about "Ready, Set, Succeed"? Call the KRESA office at (269) 385-1500 or visit the KRESA website by clicking here now. You may also contact the Kalamazoo CAN office at (269) 552-4430.